About Trio Nuages
Flyin’ high in the sky, Trio Nuages makes music that will captivate your imagination and set your spirit soaring.

Long-time friends and music mates, flutist Bob Chadwick, violinist/vocalist Marcia Sterling, and guitarist Ray Wilson formed Trio Nuages in January of 2005. All stellar, creative musical artists in their own rite, together they continue delighting audiences with the most innovative new sights and sounds to be found in all of southeast Texas.

Drawing on timeless musical masterworks of the ages, Trio Nuages infuses glorious sonorities of classical, jazz, pop, and Latin repertoire with virtuosic wizardry and light-hearted humor. The trio performs their magic regularly each Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Sandy’s Market, Houston’s unique “feel-good” venue.

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Trio Nuages lights up the stage with radiant enthusiasm leaving behind a glow that lingers long after your celebration ends.
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